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Branding & Content Strategy


  1. Elevate the brand beyond a commodity

  2. Optimize current marketing efforts including Mailers and website

  3. Expand the brand presence and showcase quality work

Guiding Principles

  1. Distinguishing a brand is a balance of quality content, clear messaging, and consistent content.

  2. Closed deals come from getting the attention of consumers, our content must be directed toward them.

  3. Communicating value and eliminating alternatives is critical to being more than a commodity.


  1. Strategy Diagnosis + Project Planning

  2. Brand Consultation

  3. Messaging, Scripting, Question Prep

  4. Production (Interviews, Broll)

  5. Post Production Editing

  6. Content Delivery

  7. Implementation

  8. Measure and Evaluate

Business Plan


What is it? Why do we need it? Who is the audience?

  • Promotional Video

  • Web Hero Banner

  • Brand Message Video

  • Testimonials

  • Team Intros

  • Service Showcase Videos

Hero Banner

What is it: 20 Second silent video that immediately plays when a visitor arrives at your website. Typically behind text.

Purpose: Attract attention on website and increase page visit length. Distinguish from "static" landscape brands.

Audience: Everyone that visits your website.


What is it: 15-30 Second videos showing off all the individual aspects of the business. ie. values, process, benefits, etc.  B roll footage with a possible voice-over to get the viewers' attention or talking head footage.

Purpose: This will be the primary pieces of content that will be used to get the attention of decision makers and introduce Tentinger Co. It's necessary to catch the attention of potential clients and direct them to your website for conversion to a lead or begin a conversation. This promo will be the first thing prospects see.

Audience: These can serve dual purposes. They will be used in social media and online ads, but will also be placed strategically on the website for people who are in the research phase and included in email correspondence.


What is it: 60-90 Second video that gives the viewer a high level understanding of the core values and services of Tentinger Co. Action Broll footage and voice over talking head.

Purpose: This video will be the first thing people see when they come to the website. This will be the primary piece of content that gets visitors to your website to convert to a lead. This also lives on Facebook, LinkedIn, email signatures, business card QR codes and can be sent as promotional presentations.

Audience: Everyone that visits your website, or wants to learn more. 


What is it: 60 second video that highlights a previous clients experience with Tentinger Co. This will be an on camera interview with Action B roll footage.

Purpose: These are needed to provide social proof. Decision Makers are motivated to purchase and connect based on the success of other consumers.

Audience: This video can serve a duel purpose. Its primary distribution will be on the website to be viewed by people entering the research phase. This can also be used as a social media video and included in email nurturing.

Happy Vlogger

Service Showcase Videos

What is it: 30-60 Second video that showcases a single service or site visit. Broll montage with text.

Purpose: Showcase your work so customers see and value the quality. Paint a picture of what your process and service looks like.

Audience: Directly shared with qualified leads prior to a consultation or agreement meeting. Lives on websites and can be used in paid traffic ads.


What is it: 20-40 Second video introducing a single team member including their team role, personal values, and any brand relevant information. Talking head with teleprompter or short interview, Broll over top.

Purpose: Establish relationship early in customer journey and build report in less time.

Audience: Website traffic and any current prospect who interacts with team members through email.

Workers with Name Tags


How are we going to make sure we achieve our goal.

Phase 1
Elevate the Brand

Phase 2
Communicate Value

Phase 3
Eliminate Uncertainty

Tentinger Co.jpeg



  • Hero Banner

  • 2 Site Visit Videos

  • 6-12 Photos per site visit

  • 1 install Service Videos

  • 6-12 Photos per service video



  • Hero Banner

  • Brand Promo Video

  • Brand Message Video

  • 4 Site Visit Videos

  • 6-12 Photos per site visit

  • 1 install Service Videos

  • 6-12 Photos per service video

  • Animated Logo



  • Hero Banner

  • Brand Promo Video

  • Brand Message Video

  • Up to 2 Client Testimonials

  • 4 Site Visit Videos

  • 6-12 Photos per site visit

  • 2 install Service Videos

  • 6-12 Photos per service video

  • Up to 6 Team Introduction Videos

  • Animated Logo



  • Deposit of 50% upon agreement

  • Remaining payment due prior to final delivery

  • *Long Term Agreements can be billed 1st and 15th

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